Newlyweds Are Now Taking Their Wedding Photos Underwater

For brides who want something borrowed and something deep blue.​

These days, more and more brides are opting to rent their wedding dresses rather than buy them. Sure, they won’t be able to hold their gowns again or pass them onto their kids, but it’s often in the name of saving money and wasting less. Recently, however, there’s a new trend that goes in the exact opposite direction: underwater wedding photography. Yeah, no one’s returning these dresses.

Rather than taking pretty bridal shots next to a sunny window or “just married” photos standing in a gorgeous garden, an increasing number of couples are opting to take wedding pictures underwater in elaborate shoots that look as ethereal as they are complicated. Their flowing gowns look beyond beautiful and totally surreal, but these shoots often ruin the gowns, giving them the nickname “Trash the Dress” photography.

Despite wedding dresses being considered one of the only tangible treasures you can hang onto after your wedding, more brides than ever are going under the sea for their own mermaid-esque photo shoots. Check out some of the coolest ones from Instagram below.

Snazzy Scuba

Who would’ve thought that the coolest accessory for your wedding dress isn’t a veil — it’s a scuba mask!

Elegant and Ethereal

If you’ve ever wanted to spend your day looking like an angelic mermaid, this is the way to go. Just get really good at holding your breath first!

Deep Blue Sea

The beautiful water, gorgeous gown, free-flowing hair, and streaming sunlight make this pic a stunner.

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Wet Kiss

Now this is one couple kissing photo we would actually love to see on our Facebook feed.

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