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Footwear Designers Making Strides in 2016

By AdminEdgar | Mar 14, 2016

6 Footwear Designers Making Strides in 2016 The popular kids on the block (heel). By Justine Carreon Mar 14, 2016 Offering everything from zebra-printed booties to denim babouches, the latest footwear brands taking over the shoe scene are anything but ordinary. Brother Vellies “Everybody wants to be special and feel unique–shoes should play a part…

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Sammy Jo Hester

Cedar Hills designer featured at Utah Fashion Week

By AdminEdgar | Feb 27, 2016

Kathryn “Kat” Mecham may not be a designer you know, but in a few years, she may be. Mecham, a 26-year-old Cedar Hills resident, is a part of the Utah Fashion Week going on now in Salt Lake City. She was featured in Thursday’s Up-and-Coming Designers Show, and has quickly gained a loyal fan base.…

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Snazzy Scuba

Newlyweds Are Now Taking Their Wedding Photos Underwater

By AdminEdgar | Feb 26, 2016

For brides who want something borrowed and something deep blue.​ By Sam Escobar These days, more and more brides are opting to rent their wedding dresses rather than buy them. Sure, they won’t be able to hold their gowns again or pass them onto their kids, but it’s often in the name of saving money and wasting less.…

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Richard Mille

LA’s Ten Newest Boutiques Include a Mix of Heavyweight and Far-flung Brands

By AdminEdgar | Feb 25, 2016

L.A. isn’t the most obvious fashion capital in terms of designer duds, but brands from all over the globe regularly skip over N.Y.C. to open their first Stateside shops in sunny SoCal. Why? The rent is cheaper and the spaces are bigger, noted British jeweler Stephen Webster, who opened his first standalone U.S. boutique on…

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Vogue Gallery

LFW: Six Street Style Trends

By AdminEdgar | Feb 24, 2016

London’s unique brand of eclectic street style is growing up – we’re now opting into logo dressing, full-look heritage checks and natural textures. Here’s Vogue‘s edit of the fashion off the London Fashion Week catwalks that the city’s scene-makers are wearing now.

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Top 10 Fashion Trends

10 Top Trends from New York Fashion Week

By AdminEdgar | Feb 23, 2016

From left to right: DKNY. Photo: Imaxtree; Marc Jacobs. Photo: Imaxtree; Tome. Photo: Imaxtree; 3.1 Phillip Lim. Photo: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Brock Collection. Photo: Imaxtree After an endless marathon of shows and presentations, New York Fashion Week finally came to a close on Thursday evening, giving us time to take a look back at the common…

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8 Tips for Working with Models Every Photographer Should Know

By AdminEdgar | Feb 22, 2016

Photographing people often requires a completely different bag of tricks compared to photographing landscapes or static objects. As someone who personally loves taking candid shots, it’s taken me a lot of practice to get used to working with models in such a way that I get the perfect look and feel I want for my…

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Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful and Highest Paid Models in 2015

By AdminEdgar | Feb 16, 2016

Fashion industry has proved and will be flourishing industry all over the world especially since last few decades it has becoming the most known showbiz field to start career in well manner. Modeling can be described as the key portion of fashion because the fashion designers hire top rated models which are beautiful and attractive…

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Thrive on Live

These Companies Are Giving The Fashion Industry A Body-Positive Makeover

By AdminEdgar | Feb 14, 2016

  New York Fashion Week is officially in full swing, but some of the biggest industry innovations are happening off the runway. Socially-conscious dress company Project Gravitas and JAG Models, an agency devoted to embracing women of all sizes, are teaming up to promote body-positive change within the fashion industry. In an interview with HuffPost…

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